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Это роскошная привилегия – быть собой! И это как раз та привилегия, которую может себе позволить каждый. Но вот отваживаются на это лишь единицы. Причина здесь лишь в одном – сильная зависимость от маятников. Маятникам нужны послушные марионетки, а не свободные личности. Остаётся только понять это, освободиться от влияния маятников и стать собой.Никто, кроме вас, не может указать вам на Вашу цель. Существует только один способ найти Свою цель: сбросить важность, отвернуться от маятников и обратиться к своей душе. Любить прежде всего себя и заботиться в первую очередь о себе. Только так можно найти дорогу к Своей цели. (В.Зеланд)


  • Арена Strategium
    (08:42, 02.10.2019)
  • Запись на Малую Арену
    (21:51, 17.08.2018)
  • Большая Арена: бои с TALONE
    (02:20, 15.04.2015)
  • The TRUTH about Uniwar

    My dear friends,

    Today Uniwar developers made an unfair thing: they banned me permanently. Talone is no more within Uniwar. After five years of my help with Uniwar development, advertising Uniwar on every big Russian game site, translation Uniwar on Russian language, tournaments organisation and other, they paid me with ingratitude: they robbed me of my private championship rankings in 2773 (to humiliate) firstly and then banned my accounts for allegedly "breaking the ToS" with my paid trainings, and recently Xavi hacked my account to write there a humiliating phrase from motives of revenge and desire to humiliate and insult me:

    (to see screenshots in full size click on it)

    To hacked my account Xavier also got access to my personal correspondence in my account. Xavier, did your mother not teach you that reading other people's letters is not beautiful?

    So What has happened? In May 2015 he still paid me for my help with game development (as usual every month he did). He was glad that I train other players and there were not any rules ("TOS") that restrict my trainings. He even had plans about further development of my trainings to make them more popular.

    Here are some of the evidence, it is my correspondence with Xavier who is the developer of UniWar:

    We see that he wrote to me not long ago this year that he appreciated my training and promises to help increase my income from them. Therefore, Xavi cynically lying when he says that the paid training caused my punishment. He has publicly insulted me, making that record in my account

    He also pays me additional remuneration each month for my work, and he asks for my help in various matters, here are a few letters:

    Here's a screenshot of the web archive, which is show how Xavi advertise my trainings on the oficial site uniwar.com:

    And suddenly, in June, exactly after I dared to place Strategium banner on Runiwar.ru Xavi writes me that stops cooperation with me and sarcastically wished good luck in my new endeavor:

    So the reason of my ban and public humiliation is clear for any clever man. This is a revenge for my help to another game: Strategium, for my help for Russian developers, who create a great online TBS game. I dared to help not only to Uniwar but to Strategium too. Uniwar developers have started information war against me for this. The second reason is strategic stupidity of Uniwar developers. They, maybe, are good programmers. But they are not strategists, not players. They develop UniWar only for money, as a business. They don't like their own game, don't play it and can't play good. Xavi, lead developer, has a rating of just 1700, and that's his real level. There's no soul in Uniwar. That's a business project, managed by person, who isn't a player himself.

    I always tried to make UniWar better, more balanced and interesting. For more than five years I created ideas of game improvements. But developers didn't implement them, though they always promised to do that. Of all my ideas they implemented only tournaments.

    During three years I told to Xavi and his brother Kralux, that tournaments is a very important feature. But they answered that there's no commercial benefit from tournaments. But we organised about 15 tournaments by ourselves. We showed developers, that players realy need tournaments. We created tournaments system. They automated our system and made it worse. Not best players win in these automated tournaments, but those who manipulate with turns delay.

    I'm not the only one who dreamed of creating a cybersport in Uniwar. Many of my friends, runiwar players, thought about it too. We wrote lots of letters to Uniwar developers with ideas of Uniwar improvements. But they just asked not to bother them with big amount of letters. That shows their attitude very well.

    And then appeared a new game, called Strategium. Russian developers came to our site and asked for help. At first I was against them, I didn't believe they can create a game better than UniWar. There are posts on runiwar where I even wanted to ban them. But then I decided to try playing Strategium. That made me change my mind. I understood that they not only are good developers, but they also are ready to listen for good strategy players and to implement their ideas. So I decided to help them and they implemented ideas, that Uniwar developers didn't want.

    When Uniwar developers understood that I dared to help another game, their reaction was very aggressive. They behaved like stupid egocentric dictators. They started to search reasons to ban me, with help of provocators, like Earth and others. They found a reason to ban me. When I criticized their balance change plans, which at fact only made balance worse, they banned me. How can Xavi, who's rating is 1700, understand what's good for balance?

    UniWar developers even prohibited to discuss Strategium in game chats and forums. Why they are afraid? I never saw so stupid prohibitions in another games. Instead of improving their game, they prohibit to discuss other games. That's behaviour of a jailer or of a herdsman. They think players are stupid sheeps. But prohibition isn't a good way to stop players. These prohibitions are only a way to show their own stupidity and disrespect for players freedom and opinion.

    I offered them help even after creation of Strategium. I think that the more good games - the better for players. But UniWar developers are not interested in players needs. They want to destroy competition. They want Uniwar to be the only turn based mobile strategy.

    Strategium is obviously a progress. A game with soul. Best UniWar players helped to develop it. Strategium is well balanced and has lots of tactics. Strategium is a step closer to real cybersport.

    UniWar became boring compared to Strategium. Last months I opened UniWar only to help other players. Now I'm even glad that Uniwar developers stopped me doing it and I can spend more time for Strategium, which is centered on players needs, balance and fairness.

    I'm fed up with arguments with Xavi about balance. He doesn't understand anything about it. He can't make anything better by himself. He is not qualified enough to improve balance. He can only destroy players who don't agree with him, like a dictator. He could listen for my critic and make balance better, but he preferred to ban me. He doesn't want to listen to critic and doesn't like that others understand UniWar tactics better then himself. UniWar become worse because of it.

    All runiwar players already moved to Strategium. 90% of them stopped playing Uniwar. Even UniWar moderator StylePro left UniWar and come to Strategium:

    Now I will quit UniWar too. UniWar devs have banned me. They think I'll ask them to let me come back, use alternative accounts to play Uniwar and search for another options. But UniWar is boring. Everyone will understand it after playing Strategium.
    So the true reason of all this changes and events is that Uniwar became boring. In april, when Uniwar devs paid me and advertised my trainings on their site, I could refuse helping Strategium. And continue getting money and other benefits from UniWar devs. Do you think I didn't understand what will happen after beggining of my help for Strategium? I understood everything, but I have choosen Strategium.

    I could do everything secretly. I could do not show that I help Strategium and continue getting benefits from UniWar devs. But that's not my method. I'm not a politician, I'm a player. I want to enjoy real cybersport, and money are just an instrument.

    I couldn't keep silent about Strategium, because it's very interesting. In Uniwar you have to use only 2-3 units and make many turn redoing to get better random damage factor. They want to create new units, but even now not every unit is used. Most sap battles only need marauders and choppers.

    Two unit types in most battles, boring turn redoing, unfair rating. Player Earth, who is displayed on top of the ladder, asked devs to delete his games where he was losing. And they deleted these games. Just several good tactics. All these things make UniWar boring. You didn't listen to me when I told you, how to make UniWar better. And you have already lost. You have lost most good players. Because UniWar became boring. Strategium is better than UniWar. But instead of trying to reach its level you decided to destroy everyone who disagree with you. And implemented changes, that made UniWar worse. This is stupid, this is the end of Uniwar.

    I invite every Uniwar players into Strategium. You will find good community here and great strategy, which already has much more, than we ever dreamed about in Uniwar.

    Good luck for every player on every front! On our site we are glad to see all players from all games. We don't prohibit to discuss any games here. And we don't prohibit to discuss the Uniwar. Unlike UniWar devs, who prohibited to discuss Strategium :))

    p.s. Google know's the truth hwo is the best UniWar player:D :

    read more about the TRUTH here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/37-954-63006-16-1448384202
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  • Арена Strategium
    (08:42, 02.10.2019)
  • Запись на Малую Арену
    (21:51, 17.08.2018)
  • Большая Арена: бои с TALONE
    (02:20, 15.04.2015)
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