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  • Арена Strategium
    (08:42, 02.10.2019)
  • Запись на Малую Арену
    (21:51, 17.08.2018)
  • Большая Арена: бои с TALONE
    (02:20, 15.04.2015)
  • Try Strategium - the TBS game much deeper than Uniwar. Only for real lovers of deep strategy gameplay!

    Video with English subtitles:

    Strategium is a perfectly balanced online turn-based strategy game!

    Strategium is a turn-based online strategy game played all over the world. It pits the minds of players against each other with four elaborately balanced races and profound strategic gameplay, all in the best tradition of classic hexagonal war games. The game was created so that you can spend as much time in it as you want. The turn-based mode allows you to conduct active battles while only spending a few minutes each day on the game. Of course, fans of more active gaming could completely immerse themselves in the game day and night.

    Strategium is based on the following fundamentals:

    - the priority of the strategic component of the gameplay and the balance of all units and races. We offer you only the most profound strategic gameplay.

    - the game adapts to your life, you don’t change your life to the game. The game should organically interweave with your daily life, even enriching it; the game will not take over your life.

    - the game should develop your intelligence, concentration and attention skills, which can be useful in every sphere of real life;

    - the game is focused on true cybersport. All principles of fairness in sport are kept by professional referees. With their help all disputed situations in battles and at the Arena will be solved;

    - the game is not pay to win. No real currency can have an influence on the balance of the game. The player who finds the best strategic solution, not the one who paid more for “upgrades”, will win;

    - the game delivers “emergent strategy”, similar to what makes chess a timeless game. The basic rules and unit capabilities are simple and easy to master. However their strategic use is manifold, with an endless depth of strategic use.

    Game features:

    -Four in-game races (atlants, psyborgs, necromongers and precursors) with up to 20 unique units, plus two super-units for each race. Each unit has basic and secondary capabilities.

    - a multitude of landscapes, which give your units different bonuses or disadvantages (up to 20 unique land hexes)

    - about 300 battle maps and a map editor. With its help you can create your own maps and upload them in a moment to play with other players

    - a rating system with leagues based on the Elo rating system. Your journey to the top of the rating list will be arduous and exhilarating. When you reach the top you’ll have become a real Chessmaster!

    - a flexible time counter for each turn, based on a chess clock;

    - regular tournaments and battles in the Strategium Arena with valuable trophies and awards waiting for the champions

    - an achievement system and awards for completion

    - in-game currency called s-coins, which has no influence on the gameplay. It can be spent on various customizable features. Once registered, you’ll get a tidy sum to start off with.

    - totalizator betting system that lets you make s-coin bets on your matches.

    - the ability to view and discuss any player's ongoing or finished battles. This allows newbies to learn some tactics from experienced players

    - one on one and team games

    - unique additional features such as opponent’s turn simulator and intel request

    - a dynamic and friendly community of true hexagonal war games fans who are comfortable chatting with players from all over the world.

    - original post-apocalyptic setting.

    Strategium is deep immersion into strategy for the true connoisseurs!"

    learn more about Strategium here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/101-869-52879-16-1424778327

    Learn the TRUTH about Uniwar and how they ban the best players here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/37-954-63006-16-1448384202

    Тренинги с TALONE!
    Пробная партия с TALONE на карте Dead Monk
    Боги Арены

  • Арена Strategium
    (08:42, 02.10.2019)
  • Запись на Малую Арену
    (21:51, 17.08.2018)
  • Большая Арена: бои с TALONE
    (02:20, 15.04.2015)
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