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У каждого есть дух, который нужно совершенствовать, тело, которое должно быть тренировано, и путь, который должен быть пройден. (Морихэй Уэсиба)

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Uniwar Forum » International headquarters » discussion » legendary Uniwar training course in English
legendary Uniwar training course in English
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legendary Uniwar training course in English for our international friends. Soon in this thread! Watch for radio broadcast!

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Мы победим!
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So let's go!

Uniwar Basic Training Course

The art of stratagems offers a quite peculiar, but still coherent and practical outlook on life, which can be used in all life situations; an outlook perfectly realistic and reasonable, but on the other hand not alien to a… playful and jolly attitude towards the world.
Where does this outlook on life come from? Most likely, from that very idea of truth and illusion being inseparable, which is described in a popular Chinese proverb, the one mentioned in the book about 36 stratagems:”If the real becomes false, than the false becomes real”.
The highest level of wisdom is the ability to accept the endless dream of life as an ultimate, doubtless in all its details reality.
Travelling through the ocean of illusions, we can only play, but the rules of this game in a strange way create absolutely natural and unchangeable laws of the universe. We pretend, but this pretence is completely sincere. We enjoy ourselves, but this enjoyment is very serious.


Life for the warrior is an exercise in strategy.
Don Juan

Therefore Only the Element of Chance Is Needed To Make War a Gamble, And That Element Is Never Absent…
Absolute, so-called mathematical, factors never find a firm bas' in military calculations. From the very start there is an interplay of possibilities, probabilities, good luck and bad that weaves its way throughout the length and breadth of the tapestry. In the whole range of human activities war most closely resembles a game …

Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz

Basic Training Course (BTC) is a guide meant for beginners, but even veterans might find something new for themselves in these articles. This unique work was made by Talone – one of the best specialists in theoretical and practical uniwaring, and placed in the guest section of the Runiwar forum, available for all players.


UniWar – is a bridge between chess and Eternity

UniWar used to be considered the best turn-based mobile strategy game. But times change, and Russian developers have created a true masterpiece - Strategium.

You can find out more about Strategium and join free alpha test

here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/74-869-54563-16-1429636346

Important article about cybersport in Strategium and UniWar here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/37-954-1#63006

Also, in order to understand Uniwar faster, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the topic “Tao of the UniWar": http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/51-449-17626-16-1362311580 and the topic about ancient Chinese stratagems and their practical application in games:http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/64 These topics, combined with this training course will make a master out of you in no time.

The battle diaries section of our forum is now open to public. The real history of the best Uniwarriors is right in front of you! Unique and priceless experience of hundreds of players. Now available to everyone!

Another important theoretical article about practical application of chess principles in Uniwar with detailed critical analysis. Must read: http://www.runiwar.ru/index/uniwar_and_chess/0-33

To sum up, Runiwar is the biggest site about Uniwar, where you can find countless amount of useful articles, much more than you will see anywhere else. Basic Training Course, Tao of the Uniwar, Stratagems in Uniwar and many more priceless works and battle diaries. Of course, the most important articles about uniwarology are kept in the private sections of this forum, which can only be accessed after joining our community.

You can register on our forum, post a question about a particular combat situation
here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/52-178-4238-16-1334314132 Everyone will receive a fast and professional response!

You can start your own UniWar battle diary, tell us about your battles, brag about victories and ask the best players in the world for advices. You can do it here:http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/15

Recently developers of the Uniwar have started a hunt on me, because I was helping the developers of Strategium. More details here: http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/9-906-56908-16-1433857161

But let’s get back to our Training Course. In this article you will find the old edition of the Basic Training Course, which was written before Strategium was finally created.

For 5 years this diabolic mix of chess and StarCraft has been enticing true connoisseurs of strategy games.

Uniwar – is an endless world with endless gameplay, which can become a part of your life for many years. That’s why you should be careful, especially if you enjoy smart strategy games and chess, since Uniwar is boundless and offers you numerous ways to develop your game skills, to research new strategies and to discover new secrets and tricks.
UniWar – is a true e-sport in your smartphone (tablet or PC)!

In 2009 UniWar was announced to be the best mobile game and in 2011 it became the second “Best multiplayer game of 2011”. And the winner of that award was not a strategy game, so we can consider UniWar to be the winner among all strategy games.

UniWar managed to withstand the test of time and became even better, like a well aged wine. The game is extremely easy to learn, but it can take many years to master all tactical aspects. Players can take their turns whenever they want, choosing the most suitable time for themselves. Warning, this game is really addicting and can consume you for years!

1. Dozens of thousands of players from all over the world!
2. You yourself choose the pace of the game – play a whole day nonstop or spend a couple of minutes once in three days.
3. 3 unique races (humans, cyborgs and beastlike aliens), each with their own game style, features and strategy.
4. Hundreds of maps for ruthless battles on the plains, in the deserts, swaps, mountains, forests and fields. Every day many new maps are released and even you can try your hand at creating new battlefields in the in-game map builder and immediately try them out!
5. One on one battles and team fights!
6. You can play with bots online and offline. A 21 level tutorial campaign will help you familiarize yourself with the gameplay.
7. Global ranking system with 50000 places, which will take years to conquer!
8. Random games with random races against opponents, whose rating is close to yours.
9. In-game chat rooms.
UniWar doesn’t require constant internet connection and only uses Internet to upload your turns. It means that you should move all your units, press “finish turn” and only then the game will start connecting to the Internet. People who try not to spend too much of their mobile traffic have no reason to worry – UniWar is absolutely safe for you.

When you start the game you should create an account. You can have several if you want to. Each account can have 20 ongoing games at the same time and each game can take several minutes or a couple of months. Players have a set amount of time to take their turn: from 3 minutes and up to 3 days. A player himself chooses the time limit. The most popular type is 24 hours, meaning that you should finish your turn before 24 hour limit runs out. When your turn is finished, your opponent will be given his own 24 hours to make his move. If you run out of time, your opponent will be allowed to take his turn without waiting for yours, or to kick you out of the game if you miss several turns in a row.

This way you can start 20 games and you will have a couple of days to make your move in each of them. No hurry, you can do it whenever you want to and whenever you have enough free time to think. Take your turn and then go back to you normal life; no one will realize that you are secretly a uniwarrior.

When you create an account, you will be awarded 1500 points – these are your starting rating points. Each time you defeat your opponent you will gain rating points, or lose them when your opponent wins the game. If your opponents’ rating is much higher than yours, you will get a lot of points, and only a few is his rating is much lower. That’s why you can start quite fast, but later you will have to struggle to get even a single rating point.

For example, my rating is 4000 now. I can receive rating points only if I win a player whose rating is higher than 3000. And I will get only 1 point. But if he wins – I will lose 40 points (which he will receive). By the way, among thousands of players, only 20 players have a rating of 2600 or higher.

This game is more difficult than chess, because chess field has only 8x8 tiles and uniwar has lots of incredibly big maps and many different units, terrains and random factor. If you want to achieve something in this game, you will have to treat this game seriously and train for months.

But when people first install the game it can leave a not so favourable impression. I have researched this question for quite some time and I can list several reasons to why it may happen:

1. A person simply hasn’t understood this game. I too played it for some time and then deleted it. Yes, this is a historical fact. And only by a chance I have downloaded it again, spend more time in it and finally realised WHAT it is.
2. A person, due to his age or preferences, doesn’t like profound strategy games like chess. I have tried many games, and, let’s be frank, even the most popular “strategy” games like Civilization and Startcraft are just a child play compared to chess (and I am not even starting about clashes and other farms). Strategy in such games is dumb and repetitive and the variety is but an illusion. They can be amusing because of the big maps and fun features like technology tree, historical aspects and so on. This makes them interesting enough to study, play for awhile and… dump. These games are not serious, compared to chess. And today only UniWar not only offers the chess level of depth, but sometimes even exceeds it. What do you think about a thousand different combinations on a tiny 5x8 map, where every turn can completely change the outcome of the game? Yes, this is chess and even more. But here you have to think, it is not just a time killer. This is what a real immersion is.

Turn time limit in UniWar can vary from 3 minutes to 3 days per turn.
Three days per turn! Just imagine a map, which is 5 times bigger than a chess field, where two teams of 3 players are fighting each other (for example, BG). Here even a whole day may not be enough to think through your next move. Sometimes you just have to think and wait for inspiration. Of course, I am talking about games against professionals. And rest assured, even one mistake will ruin your whole game in this case.

Some of my games lasted for 3-4 months. They were a true quintessence of strategic pleasure, pure elixir of mental substrate, a mix of intelligence, intuition, 6th and 7th sense and everything you can think of.

If you want to fight best players, you will have to reach the place, from where Mozart downloads his music, Paganini plays his violin, and where Einstein finds his ideas, otherwise you will never get past 2600-2700

When you load the game for the first time in your life, you will have 4 options:

1. Go straight for the online games and fight AI bots there, living bots (novices like you) and more experienced players (press “play online”)
2. Finish tutorial campaign (press “play campaign”) (recommended)
3. Play with bots offline (press “play solo”)
4. Play with your friend on one mobile phone (play vs.)

I advise you to play the campaign first on normal difficulty. It is not long, only 21 level. Don’t bother playing on hard difficulty; it is very different from playing against real people. Bots are bots. They won’t teach you anything, they can only help you familiarize yourself with the game.

You don’t even need to finish the campaign. Just play a bit to learn the ropes and you are good to go online.

Now we press “play online”. You will have to register when you do it for the first time. Done? Congratulations! You are now a proud uniwarrior! Good luck in your battles!

When you press «start new game» you will see three buttons:

Start random game
Setup custom game
Join existing game

Just start with random games and choose a race (or leave it to be random), rated or unrated game and it’s done, the game has started! The game itself will choose a suitable opponent for you.

“Setup custom game” allows you to create your own game on a map of your choice. This game will appear in the list (which can be found in “Join existing game”) and you will have to wait for someone else to join it.

Join existing game – is the opposite, now you are a player who is looking for a game. Find the one you like and join it.

The most suitable way to start your path of the uniwarrior - is a random game. So start with it, and check other options later.

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=android.uniwar

p.s. Copied from another thread, worth reading:

"Actually, I can understand novices, who install UniWar just to have some fun. Find out something new about a new game is a pure relaxation. But if someone is playing for more than a year, than a question comes to mind, WHY is he doing it. Especially if we are talking about tournaments, which are really hard to take part in, and even more so if you play to win, than it becomes a hard mental labour. So WHY? Just to enjoy yourself and kill some time? If that’s how it is, than, well, UniWar is not the best and not most up-to-date way of amusing yourself. The way I see it, if a person has been playing for a long time and tries his best to win tournaments, spending colossal amounts of mental energy, that means he sees UniWar as a way to train his mind and temper his character. It is similar to chess, which many famous and successful people used to call a vital part of personal growth.

Play in tournaments just to win? I think that’s stupid and is just a waste of energy, I wouldn’t want us here to raise game addicts. Victory is not the point of the game – it is only a way to better understand yourself, the world and human mind in general, a path of self-development. Then and only then it all starts making sense and gives you something.

I advise everyone to ask themselves, why are they here, it might be quite useful. The life passes much faster than you think and usually ends quite unexpectedly, that is why you shouldn’t waste your precious time on mobile games without any specific reason for it."

Мы победим!
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Chapter 1
General rules for controlling units in Uniwar

First, I would like to explain some basic principles, which can significantly increase your skill of using your units in Uniwar. This principle, under one name or another, can be found in many different areas – martial arts, philosophy, psychology, magic, science etc.

I call it a principle of illocality.

In short, the idea of the principle of illocality is that localities, limitations, patterns, forms, objects do not exist and are nothing more than impersonal “vibrations”, “manifestation”, “games” of an illocal origin, which has many names: source, primordial, God, Brahman, Tao, etc.

Localities, objects, forms “appear” only as a product of our consciousness and our mind, which “create” figures out of illocality and give names to them.

Thus, absolutely all names and forms, including “space”, “time”, “matter”, “consciousness” etc – are simply a product of our mind, of our perception and not something real. Reality – is “beyond” names and forms, it is illocal, translocal and not bound by meanings, definitions and descriptions. There are no boundaries inside reality. All boundaries are nothing more than a product of our imagination. Reality has no border between a chair and a table, between you and me, life and death and so on.

But let us stop on a practical aspect of this question, which is related to the game.

Speaking about games, from chess to martial arts, this principle tells us that we cannot view a player and a game separately; there is only a unified impersonal pulsation of illocality, covered by a picture, drawn by our own mind.

This implies:
1. nothing matters, but at the same time everything matters and everything can have any meaning, depending on our desired outcome;
2. separate units and players do not exist, there is only a whole game, which breaths, lives. It is a living structure;
3. instead of controlling separate units, you should be controlling the whole game itself. You should try to see your army as a single body, where each unit is inseparable from another, same as an arm is not separated from a leg. Even more, enemy units too are a part of this organism. There is no conflict between separate units or players, only a transfusion and pulsation of a shared energy.

This is why every movement, even if it is the most worthless unit, should be viewed in the context of a game itself. You should see and sense a whole picture. Trying to feel how this micro movement will affect the macro environment.

This is why later, when we start discussing the tactics for separate units, you should always keep in mind that it is not an action of a single unit, but a movement of a whole organism. We simply research every part of this organism separately for learning purposes.

And now, let’s discuss the tactical characteristics of every unit.

Chapter 2. Uniwar units

2.1. Sapiens

Mobility – this is the main strength of the human race. Sapiens army is perfectly balanced. They have mobile infantry, which can also deal quite a lot of damage to aerial units, fast marauders, cheap heavy unit with great regeneration (tank), heavy flying unit (helicopter) and powerful ships. Humanity’s artillery is also quite powerful; it has greater range than wyrms and costs less than walkers.

Humanity’s main enemies are titans. Khrals rarely become a problem.

2.1.1 Marine

Great unit, suitable for every battle. Furthermore, on some maps marines become the main weapon of humanity.
Their strength lies in numbers and low cost. For example, 5 marines are much better than 1 helicopter and the advantage of 10 marines over 2 helicopters is even greater.

Extremely dangerous to beasts, especially when fighting swarmers, garudas and wyrms. Great at destroying light armored vehicles – marauders, speeders and also helicopters.
Fares incredibly well as a human shield for helicopters, batteries and marauders.
Very vulnerable to eclipses, pincers and plasma tanks. Infectors can make a traitor out of him.
Here I want to briefly describe helicopter-infantry strategy, which is commonly used against khraleans. Antibeast helicopter-infantry strategy

The basic principle of this strategy is using your infantry to fight flying units, especially by using terrain advantage, forest or mountains, to deal even more damage.
This strategy requires you to build lots of infantry and some helicopters. Helicopters are placed behind your marines, to make sure that they are protected from danger, but are still in position to attack enemy troops.
It is difficult to describe exact proportions; everything depends on the map and specific battle situation. For example, on this screenshot we can see a process of building an infantry-helicopter formation. This is a real game. The formation is not ready yet, helicopters have yet to be centralized, and front line is still a work in progress. But you can already see an approximate number of marines and helicopters required to play this strategy.

Broadly speaking, such games play out like this:

Attack enemy unit with one or two marines, finish it off with your helicopter, move helicopter back to safety behind your infantry. This way helicopters take as little damage as possible or sometimes even no damage at all. Marines on the other hand... Motherland will never forget their sacrifice.

Common mistake – players build not enough marines. As a result, they only have enough infantry for their defense line to last for one or two turns, and then helicopters are left unprotected.

Second common mistake – players start the attack with helicopters, and finish enemy units off with marines. In this case helicopters lose too many hit points and you cannot press on the attack.

On small maps such mistakes are not too dangerous, but on bigger maps they can prove to be fatal, since you will be fighting against a horde of beasts, bigger in numbers (units cost less) and more tenacious (heal faster, flies do not take damage in retaliation).

Another example, building the front line on Laguna map. I am the blue player. Turn 15.

Мы победим!
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2.1.2 Marauder

Marauder – is a unique unit in Uniwar. All his properties combined make him the strongest unit in UniWar. Furthermore, marauder is the most ancient game unit on our planet. Some time ago scientist have found a fragment of an ancient manuscript inside a restroom of a monastery in Tibet, dated 7th century B.C. This manuscript was named “The Great Book of Survival”. Similar to other mystic texts about secret Tibetan knowledge, a unique system of keys was used to protect these secrets from uninitiated. These keys make sure that no outsider can understand the sacred manuscript.

The keys were as follows:

Marine – soul
Marauder – runner
Tank – stronghold
Helicopter – wing
Attack area of one marauder - edge
Attack area of two marauders – a place without mercy
Attack area of three marauders – dead place

Ladle-like formation of three marauders – small lotus
Ladle-like formation of three and more marauders – big lotus

Enemy unit – dark.
Friendly unit – light.

Here is the translation of that ancient manuscript:

3.Controlling runners.

3.1. Remember, brothers, a soul is not afraid of a lone runner. He may damage it, but soon he himself will become a prey.

3.2. A pair of runners will easily destroy a soul, even if it hides in the shadow of a forest or protected by a mountain fortress. Keep track of all places without mercy and avoid them if possible.

3.3. If runners are three, the power of a small lotus protects them. In the dead place a dark runner disappears like dust.

3.4. Lotus can be empty or with a pillar. His pillars are light souls, a stronghold or a wing.

3.5. In the dead place in front of a small lotus with a pillar nothing shall survive.

3.5. The weakest spots of a big lotus are his edges. Cover them with light souls and you shall know peace even in the middle of a heated battle.

The details of their tactical uses will be covered in other parts of the Basic Training Course. For now, I think, this ancient manuscript has proved to you that marauders are truly unique.

Two of their unique properties are – attack range and ability to act twice per turn. This unit can move twice every turn and cover a distance of 12 movement points every time!
Its incredible range allows marauder to reach deep inside opponent’s army. Two actions per turn make sure that he can avoid zones of control, attack his prey and get back to safety. Also, these special properties allow marauders to stack up significant gang up bonus.

Marauders are perfect scouts thanks to their incredible vision range.

Similar to other units of this type, marauders become much more effective in numbers.

A marauder is especially strong against marines, mechas, underlings, engineers, infectors and assimilators.

Several marauders pose a significant threat to other marauders, speeders, eclipses, swarmers, garudas, wyrms, walkers and batteries.

Several marauders can even tear apart a helicopter.

Paired with other units, marauders can help to destroy tanks and helicopters.

Paired with batteries, marauders can be used to destroy plasma tanks and pincers. If you make sure to hit a target with your marauder before battery’s attack, rockets will deal more damage. This is especially important for fighting plasma tanks, where you have to chain marauder-battery-marauder-battery attacks to destroy it.

Now let us go back to our ancient manuscript and read again the part about marauders’ battles formation, which is called lotus. When you are playing against sapiens it is extremely important to be the first one to finish building your lotus and create the dead place as close to your opponent’s army as possible. This will make sure that he can’t create the place of death of his own near your troops.

Here is a very interesting game report, where lotus formation played an important role: LINK

Marauder’s main manoeuvres:

reconnaissance (enter enemy territory – explore the map – return)
hit-and-run tactics (attack – return – attack with another marauder - return)
conveyor (attack – continue moving forward – attack second target. This manoeuvre is more suitable for big maps).

2.1.3 Tank

Another great sap unit in Uniwar. Tank is the cheapest heavy unit in the game. It makes it quite useful, both against beasts and titans.

Furthermore, tank possesses incredible regenerative capabilities (2 hit points per turn). This is really a lot. If you put your engineer close to it, tank will become a real stronghold, healing 4 hit points every turn.

Tank’s mobility is quite impressive compared to plasma’s. At first glance it doesn’t look like much - 8 and 6 movement points, but this difference can be vital in battle, since it means that tank can move over two hex tiles in places, where plasma can only move one tile. This can be crucial when tanks need to get close to walkers.

Tank paired with engineer is extremely effective against titans - one or several tanks with one engineer behind them will help you a lot in these games. In this case tanks can heal very fast and the engineer can turn off plasmas, if they dare to attack our tanks. In perfect case scenario, batteries should follow this strike team.

Tank’s weak spot is aerial units. Humans often use particle-beam cannons as tank’s main weapons and these cannons can only accelerate particles horizontally. We hope it will be changed in the future, but for now our tanks cannot even scratch flying units.
That’s why tank is a perfect target for helicopters, swarmers and garudas. Tanks require a lot of support and should never operate alone; otherwise this expensive unit will become an easy prey for your enemy.

Novices, after playing a couple of games with bots, start building lots of tanks and rely on them. Indeed, tanks are quite good against bots, but against another player unprotected tank will become nothing more than a tin can with particle-beam cannon.

2.1.4 Helicopter

A very interesting multi-purpose unit in Uniwar, which requires a very careful and thoughtful play.

The most expensive and powerful flying unit in the game. But its defense is quite low to call it a flying tank and it doesn’t have impressive regenerative capabilities.

But despite its drawbacks (price and repair speed), helicopter is still an incredibly powerful unit, even irreplaceable when you are fighting khraleans or sapiens.
It is a real flying machine of death and destruction.

Their first strong point is their ability to fly and their high mobility.

Second is their firepower.

But helicopter’s most valuable property is its ability to retreat after every attack. Absolutely amazing! This ability makes a swarm of helicopters incredibly flexible and dangerous, like bees they sting your enemy to death and then go back to safety. Even plasma tanks can be broken using this tactics, if you gather 5-6 helicopters and start hammering one spot.

Khrals’ dragons are much weaker because they lack this ability. They get stuck around the target and become an easy prey. They can’t organize a massive attack, because the first couple of drakes will simply block the path for others.

Helicopters are vulnerable to eclipses, drakes and wyrms. Two drakes can very well destroy a helicopter with a proper use of gang up bonus, while one attack from eclipse will cost helicopter 7 hit points. That is why you should always try to protect your helicopters from these units and only finish them off. If you are using your helicopters to attack eclipses, drakes or wyrms (or they managed to attack your helicopters), it means something went wrong with your strategy (of course, there are always exceptions). And, of course, keep your helicopter away from enemy walkers and batteries, especially if your heli has 6 hp or less (if it has 7 hp neither of these two units will be able to finish it off).

The most important rule, which will save your life many times – before you attack enemy unit with your helicopter, look where it will be able to land and don’t forget to take into account enemy units’ zones of control. Sometimes you will notice that one of yours or your opponent’s units is blocking its way to safety. Deal with this problem first, and only then you can use your helicopter.

The best targets for helicopter’s attacks are infectors, assimilators, engineers, swarmers, underlings, pinzers and tanks. These units, usually, won’t deal any damage in retaliation, except for swarmers, but even their damage is barely noticeable. Pinzer still can be dangerous during your opponent’s move, since he can use this giant to stack up the gang up bonus (especially if there are a couple of these giants).

And, of course, be on your guard around infectors. If before the beginning of a great battle, a couple of infers manage to infect your troops, you will be in a serious trouble, since this thing spreads incredibly fast.

2.1.5. Battery

An invaluable unit in battles against titans in Uniwar. As good as walker, costs less (550 vs 750), but, admittedly, has shorter attack range. But this is insignificant considering its price. Just think about it – battery is nearly 50% cheaper than walker, but its attack range is only 25% shorter. So rest assured, battery is a much better choice than titan’s giants.

I am writing it because novices, when playing saps, are often too scared of walkers attack range to do anything and this is a big mistake. Trust my experience – batteries are better. Saps can build an artillery line faster than titans and place marauders on both sides. Titan will be forced to shield their walkers with plasma tank, to protect them from marauders. As soon as titan’s plasma moves forward to build a defensive line, your battery line will turn them into a pile of smoking alien metal. And then walkers meet marauders and the story ends here. If you don’t have enough batteries, marauders can help to destroy plasma tanks (explained above).

Batteries are also good against wyrms, since they shoot further and cost the same. But here you should take into account the terrain of the map (for example, mountain chains) and whether it is possible to protect them (guard them with marines, for example). When placing your battaries, you should make sure that wyrms cannot get closer than 3 hex tiles to them. This way, even if wyrms manage to attack them, they will still receive damage in retaliation.

Keep in mind that batteries are the prime target for buried underlings and are quite vulnerable to flies. That is why when you are fighting beasts, batteries are not a unit you should build too often, and if you do – make sure to protect them. Here is an example of my game against Alon (UniWar champion). First screen is before my turn and second – right after. Here battery killed the wyrm, also 3 infers, traiters and some bugs were destroyed, all of it happened in one turn:

Look how battery is placed, it is well covered and has a great active shooting range.

UPDATE, October 2013:

A year has passed since the battery was changed.

I am updating this guide only now, since devs promised many times that this was a temporary change and it will be reverted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Now battery costs more – 650, but it has a new extremely powerful ability – it can move over a distance of 4 mobility points AFTER every attack. It means that battery can cross one plains or desert hex tile. I was against this update from the very beginning, but it still happened. It has, in my opinion, broke the game balance and took away some beauty from sapiens play. It made them too strong, and they definitely didn’t need this power up.

Anyway, ability to move away after every attack is incredibly powerful, since now you don’t have to choose between firing and moving, forward or backwards, advance or retreat. Even if you have just built a battery and it is still standing on your base, you can fire and move away during one turn. This is too easy, and not as interesting as it used to be. Unfortunately, UniWar sometimes turns away from BEATY and gameplay, and chooses a path of simplicity and arcade game style.

It has become incredibly easy to play against titans – you just need to be the FIRST one to capture key positions on the map with your batteries and titan will definitely lose the game. If he tries to move forward, placing his plasma tanks and walkers one hex tile closer to you, battaries will be able to fire at opponent’s plasma tanks and RETREAT, leaving walkers firing range, and giving place to marauders, which will start walkers’ genocide.

New battery has become even more useful against beasts, who never had a good time fighting saps. Now it shoots, retreats to a safe place and laughs at buried bugs and swarmers.

In secret parts of Runiwar forum we research battery’s tactical uses in sap-titan battles in more details.

Actually during the last few years a whole new branch of science was created in Runiwar’s secret laboratories – Uniwarology, and we have gathered many different articles, which are being constantly updated. And we are getting closer and closer to the chess science level of depth. This is incredibly interesting and we invite everyone to join. Maybe you are the new genius of uniwarology, who will discover new laws and theories!

Good luck in your battles!

Мы победим!
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2.1.6. Ships

Sapiens’ ship makers are the worthy descendents of Peter the Great! Destroyer is a mega-unit in Uniwar. The most durable, the most powerful (especially against ships) and the fastest ship in the whole game. Titans’ hydronauts are nothing more than flouting slippers, compared to them.

Yes, titans’ boats shoot one hex tile further, but destroyers are faster, have better vision and are much better at, well… destroying. Also, hydronauts cannot attack in melee, so if a ship gets close to it, or saps hit it with a helicopter, we don't receive damage in return.

When playing against titans, destroyers should be guarded by helicopters. There should be two or three times more helicopters than ships. Helis build a front line and destroyers hide behind it. This army is a perfect titan-killer. On mixed maps it might be also useful to have a small swarm of marauders and some infantry to destroy eclipses and walkers, since titan is definitely going to build them.

Purely naval battles against beasts can be quite troublesome, since khrals’ naval and aerial units are very cheap. It will be easier if there is some land to place infantry and marauders. If there are no land tiles, you should act quickly, trying to use destroyers’ advantage in power and speed.

2.1.7. Engineer (programmer)

This four-eyed guy will save your life many times in Uniwar. On small maps and battlefields with complicated terrain he is invaluable against titans. On big maps like “river runs” he is useless.

Programmer, infer and assimilator – are special support type units. They can capture basses, and even though such captures are quite expensive, sometimes it becomes a necessary sacrifice.

Also, support units can convert enemy units to your side. Programmer converts mechas, assimilator – underlings, infector – marines. Converted units are stronger and more durable than the regular version of themselves, it seems that the act of betrayal gives them power smile

Keep in mind, that support unit cannot convert a unit which is capturing a base at this moment. Unit which is just occupying this hex tile (recently bought) can still be converted.

Try to keep your programmer right behind your tanks, on a forest or mountains hex tile if possible, to makes sure that eclipses cannot oneshot him.

Eclipses are the most dangerous enemies of our engineers. Don’t let them get close, keep them away with your marauders and infantry. In the worst case scenario, make sure that eclipse pays dearly for programmer’s life (this way you won’t lose money). You need experience to control engineers. There are many different situations which cannot be described without details. We will discuss them more thoroughly in secret parts of this forum.

When you are playing against saps and beasts, they are invaluable for their ability to speed up regeneration, which is especially useful to marauders. Helicopters rarely need such repair services, since if they have finally joined the battle, there will be no time to repair units anymore. Of course, there are exceptions.

A very important detail: programmers, like all support units, can repair units immediately after being hired. This trait should be used, no reason to waste a turn.

For example, you have two damaged marauders near your base, they haven’t acted during this turn yet. You can hire an engineer in this base, and even though you won’t be able to move him, his healing aura will affect these marauders! This way you save a whole turn, using your programmer immediately after hiring him.

Here is another trick, quite situational, but invaluable at times, especially on “Scramble” (I have used it many times to save a base from being captured):

Your turn, you have a 5hp marauder near your base. You build an engineer, heal you marauder up to 7 hp and attack. In some cases it might be better than two attacks with 5hp marauder.

That’s why you should make it a habit to always bring your wounded marauders and helicopter close to your bases.

Translation to be continued ...

Мы победим!
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Dear friends! It's funny, but my friend, who putted the link to this tutorial in Uniwar chat was banned today. Look at this:

This topic helps players to study uniwar better, and they are punished for it smile This is absurd. Historically we started with Uniwar, which now becomes more arcade and commerce, losing combat spirit of cybersport. Read more here: The Truth about Uniwar
Currently, at Uniwar official forum and chats a campaign held, to show to players, that Runiwar oppose Uniwar, and me is an awful and terrible pest, trying to discredit Uniwar. It’s a bullshit, of cause, and majority of players know it.
Not we, but Uniwar developers oppose, and not us, but common sense. Our aim always was an evolution, not destruction, and this is what we do. Just at some point our evolution overflow close edges of Uniwar, made Uniwar developers jealous and nervous, and they still do. First, they nullified my champion rating, then banned my accounts, devices IP’s, then hacked my account and filled Biography with abusive and false rave, then removed Runiwar flagr from the game (the flag of a hundreds of players from different countries), then they blocked even ability to mention our website in the game chat. Even after this, they continue to insult me and Runiwar in the everyday game chats, encourage others to do the same with the help of noobie moderators, recruited from inadequate enviers.

It’s they, not we, who started this civil war. They fought me for my help to Strategiun developers, they fought Runiwar soldiers, our flag, even word Runiwar is forbidden in the game.

We calmly continue our everyday work: game dev (incl. Uniwar), write articles, train soldiers, converse. No one has any idea of “war with Uniwar” or “game sabotage”, as our opponents say. Our criticism is constructive and reasonable. Any smart developer can use our experience. But “smart” is not about Uniwar developers. Any criticism is an act of hostility in their eyes, aimed to eliminate Uniwar. Funny? Sure.

So, everyone, interested in Uniwar and Strategium, can chat at Runiwar. We do not impose any opinion, do not ban for disagreement, criticism or oppose “party policy”. We are glad to see every visitor, just stay adequate.

Soon we will continue translating into English this training course. We will tell you about other races and Units in Uniwar. Also we will learn some tips and secrets! Watch for radio broadcast! biggrin

Read, register, chat, win and May the Force B with U! biggrin
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legendary Uniwar training course in English (part 2): http://www.runiwar.ru/forum/37-1025-71172-16-1481184259

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